The Responsibility of a Minority – Part 1 

This week’s post was written by our former Global Ambassador: Jesse. We are so proud and grateful to Jesse for all his contributions to the DU community. He wrote a very insightful and honest post about the hardships and challenges he overcame during his experience at DU and all the wonderful people that impacted his … More The Responsibility of a Minority – Part 1 

Day in the Life: Kutlo

One of our wonderful ambassadors, Kutlo, shared with us her Tuesday routine! Kutlo is majoring in International Business and Marketing, and minoring in Business Law and Ethics. She is such a busy student, and on top of that she is a RA (Resident Assistant). RA’s live in the dorms and are responsible for the safety … More Day in the Life: Kutlo

Interterms at DU

The University of Denver uses the quarter system, meaning a full year of school consists of 3 quarters, plus an optional summer quarter, with 10 weeks in each. Because of this system the winter break is 6 weeks long, giving students time to work, get internships, or go on an interterm. An interterm is a … More Interterms at DU

Student Resources at DU

DU wants its students to thrive academically and personally. It provides many resources to support its students.  The Academic Resources team empowers students to take ownership of their education by partnering with faculty, staff, administrators, and families to create an inclusive learning environment and network of resources. These resources include:  Academic Advising: where academic advisors … More Student Resources at DU