International Scholarship Tracker

To help you with organizing the scholarships you plan to apply for as an international student, we’ve create a template for you. What you see below is an image but we’ve provided you the link to a public document on Google Drive. You can copy and paste the Tracker into your own spreadsheet software and update based on what scholarships you’d like to apply for! You can sort your scholarships by due date and amount to help you prioritize which ones to apply for and when. Add more columns to help you keep track of what needs to be done for each applications, like writing essays, getting recommendations, etc.

International Scholarship Tracker Template Google Doc

scholarship tracker image

Check our our blog on Scholarships Resources for International Students as well to find a comprehensive list of resources available to you. We started the template off for you by adding in the Six Star Scholarship Award and the Richie-Jennings Memorial Scholarship, but you can take it from here!



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