Your DU guide to packing

Traveling across the world for school? What should you pack? Where do you start? Here are a few helpful hints from the Office of International Student Admission

Getting on the plane: If you’re traveling a great distance you will want to travel light. It’s easier to navigate planes, trains, customs, cars and unfamiliar places if you aren’t carrying five huge suitcases. Here is a list of how to make it on the plane with the essentials:

  • Double and triple check with your airline about the regulations for personal items and carry-on bags. Packing all the right things won’t help you if your bag is too big to fit on plane.
  • Keep your I-20, visa documents and passport in your personal item. It’s important that they are accessible at all times. NEVER place these items in your checked luggage.
  • You’ll want a change of clothes, a toothbrush/toothpaste, any toiletries you can’t live without (be practical) as well as any of your required medications. Keep medications in the original container (and preferably in English) so that airport officials know exactly what it is.
  • Check the weather where you are going and make sure you have the right gear! The weather changes quickly at this elevation and you could step off the plane into sunshine, rain, snow… who knows? Coloradoans always wear layers. Good shoes, a warm sweater and a water-proof jacket can get you from the airport to DU in most cases.
  • Do bring a picture or a small memento that reminds you of your home, your family, your pet, your friends and your loved ones. It helps when you’re missing home. Do not bring valuable, irreplaceable family heirlooms.
  • Bring your traditional clothing! You will have the chance to show your national and cultural pride while at DU!
  • Pack an outlet adapter in your carry-on. Especially after an international flight, you will want to be able to charge up your electronics right away! Electricity supply is 120 volts in the U.S. If your appliances do not match the electricity supply or outlet shape, consider purchasing your electronics at your destination.
  • Language dictionary
  • International driver’s license (if you have one and plan on driving in the U.S.)
  • If you want to pack your sheets, just remember we have extra long twin beds measuring 80″x38″x7″ so you will have to plan accordingly.

 Keep your I-20, visa documents and passport with you at all times. 

What not to bring: Checking in extra luggage and shipping items can be expensive and frustrating. Not to mention things can get lost in the process. Make your life easier by not bringing the following:

Cute dorm

  • Do not bring your whole wardrobe. You will not have that much space in your dorm to store all your clothes. Pick your necessities and your favorites and leave the rest.
  • Do not bring a ton of electronics. You probably won’t be able to pack your flat screen t.v., but all the little electronics can add up (hair dryers, game consoles, etc.) so consider buying these electronics at your destination, they will have the right electric plugs anyway. Also, DU has game consoles and other electronics that you can borrow from the library!
  • Don’t bring your valuables. You wouldn’t want anything to be lost, stolen or broken – would you?

You will not enough space in your dorm to store everything.

What you should buy here: DU is blessed to be close to everything! You can easily get downtown to buy supplies. There is a Target and a Bed, Bath and Beyond close by! You can probably buy most things you need for college here, or you can always order it online when you arrive. We made you a supply list of what items you will probably want to buy in the first few weeks and what you should keep in mind: 

  • DU partners with Bed, Bath and Beyond to help student’s outfit their dorm rooms! If you go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and tell them you are a DU student, they have a list of essential things you should spend your money on. Check them out:
  • You will need sheets that fit our dorm beds, which are extra-long twins – mattresses measure 80″x38″x7″
  • For additional measurements and things you can and can’t have in your dorm, visit Housing’s helpful webpage:

College Packing List

If you still need to ship something: You can ship your personal belongings to your mailing address on campus, but make sure they won’t get there early. We CANNOT accept any packages that arrive before Tuesday, September 5th (the day after Labor Day). Our desks do not fully operate until September 5th and mail carriers have also been informed that our desk will not accept packages until that day, so please plan accordingly. If you need a package to arrive before September 5th:


  • Contact the local Postal Office to see if they can hold your package(s).
  • If you are staying at a hotel, contact their concierge/front desk to see if you can ship your personal belongings to them.
  • Order items ahead online for in-store pick up (please check with individual stores for availability).

Building Addresses:  Make sure you add your room number!

Johnson Hall 1901 E. Iliff Ave. — Room # -B
Denver, CO 80210
McFarlane Hall 1901 E. Iliff Ave. — Room # -A
Denver, CO 80210
Centennial Towers (North)     1770 S. Williams St. — Room # -N
Denver, CO 80210
Centennial Towers (South) 1770 S. Williams St. — Room # -S
Denver, CO 80210
Centennial Halls (North) 1870 S. High St. — Room # -N
Denver, CO 80210
Centennial Halls (South) 1870 S. High St. — Room # -S
Denver, CO 80210
 Nelson Hall 2222 S. High St. — Room #
Denver, CO 80210
 Nagel Hall 2194 S. High St. — Room #
Denver, CO 80210

We CANNOT accept any packages that arrive before Tuesday, September 5th

We hope our guide has been helpful, but don’t hesitate to ask a question or leave a suggestion to your fellow travelers in the comment section!

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