Why Choose the University of Denver?

The University of Denver has many lucrative offerings, which helped me pick it. As an international student, you have the chance to apply to a lot of colleges in every corner of the world, if you choose. So what makes the University of Denver special?

1.  Location, location, location

Denver is uniquely located and offers mountains, the great outdoors, and many social events to do on campus and off campus. Moreover, according to 9News, Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the US. Population growth is correlated with job opportunities. Therefore, in the future we will see a rising demand in the labor market, which is great for DU students. As the University of Denver has great reputation and is located in the heart of Denver, employers will have direct access to our talented pool of students to meet their needs.

2.  Academics

The University of Denver offers an array of disciplines and resources, whatever your intended area of study may be. As a smaller college campus, the student body is able to make real connections with their colleagues, professors, and alumni network.

3. Study abroad

The University of Denver offers many opportunities for students to engage in a deeper understanding of cultures by experiencing them. In present day, cross-cultural connections are very important. By allowing DU students to study abroad, the school allows us to acknowledge, appreciate, and understand the dissimilarities and interconnections that represent the world we live, and work in.

4. DU’s reputation

The University of Denver is ranked as a top 100 university by U.S. News & World Report. There are 5,300 colleges in the United States, so DU’s ranking is considerably high. Not only that, DU is well known in the Denver area for its world-class education, which gives DU student an instant competitive advantage.

5. Supportive Student Services

The University of Denver offers supportive student services that give students the real opportunities. For instance, the Job Shadow Program by the Daniel’s College of Business allows students to navigate possible career routes by shadowing an employer or an executive for a day or week. Moreover, the countless career fairs offered to all DU students allow students to polish their professional experiences and gain internships, so that they are better prepared for working in the real world. Over my time here, in the University of Denver, I had the opportunity to intern at the Embassy of Jordan, in Washington D.C. and Arrow Electronics in Denver, Colorado. These internships would have been impossible for me to attain without the help of career services.

To conclude, these five perks about the University of Denver made it easy for me to pick the University of Denver. Now, it’s your turn to make up your mind, DU the right thing!

Author: Dareen Khairi from Jordan

Editors: Anh Chip Pham & Grace Sullivan

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