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Dear World,

When choosing a college, we often also think about safety. How safe is the area? What resources are there for students when they need help? We truly believe that it is important for all incoming students, as well as students on campus, to know about the resources that DU Campus Safety provides.

From personal experience, DU isn’t in a particularly dangerous area. I would feel safe walking around at night alone, and so far I haven’t faced many issues concerning my safety. I also know that when I need it, I could always call Campus Safety to get an escort. However, it’s always good to be prepared and have the resources necessary to be protected.

The above video is able to show you some resources that Campus Safety at DU provides. This video is available with English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) and Cantonese captions. Campus Safety also offers a variety of classes for the entire DU community in relation to safety issues. The classes include, but are not limited to, active shooter response, self-defense, crime prevention and so on. To find out the schedule of the class that you want to participate in, click here.

In addition to that, the Campus Safety website also provides tips for different crime prevention. We strongly encourage all of you to carefully read through the webpage and take the actions that will help you.

If you sense any crime near you, for emergencies, call 911 first and then 303-871-3000 to let Campus Safety know. For non-emergencies, call 303-871-2334. We suggest that you keep the two Campus Safety numbers in your contacts so you’ll be able to pull them out easily when necessary.


International Student

#DearWorld is a blog series that our international student ambassadors at the University of Denver share their experience, tips, and advice to other students at DU and around the world.

Author: Jakub Drobek

Editor: Ronnie Cheng

Video Producers: Elise Hamann, Jakub Drobek

Video Editor: Elise Hamann

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