Getting Around Campus with our Shuttle Program!

Dear World,

There are many ways to get around campus, and one of these ways is the campus shuttle. As a first-year student living in Centennial Towers last year, the campus shuttle was incredibly useful in getting me to the Mass Communications Building on the other end of campus for my 8am classes. The University of Denver is now working with MV Transportation to help students get to where they need to be easier.

The DU Campus Shuttle is completely free for students, and it provides two routes – the west route and the east route.

To start using this service, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Tripshot app from your App Store or scan the below QR code with your mobile device.

2. Type in DUSHUTTLE for the service name.

3. Select “sign up” and enter your valid DU email.

4. Open the link sent to your DU email, and set up your account.

5. Open the Tripshot app and sign in.

How to ride the shuttle:

  • Open the TripShot rider app.
  • Tap on the three-bar menu icon on the top left.
  • Tap on the Pay option in the menu (there is no cost to those registered with their DU Email).
  • When the shuttle is roughly 30 meters or less away, tap on that shuttle route name to generate a boarding code.
  • Use that code when you board the shuttle.

I highly recommend taking advantage of the campus shuttle program, as it’s free for all DU students and saves you a lot of time when going around campus!


International student

#DearWorld is a blog series that our international student ambassadors at the University of Denver share their experience, tips, and advice to other students at DU and around the world.

Author: Ronnie Cheng

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