Hidden Gems of DU

  1. The Book Stack @ Mary Reed
Volunteers at the Book Stack helping a customer

Copied from website:

The volunteer-run Book Stack provides new, used, and rare books on a variety of topics. There are more than 35,000 used, new and rare books in over 90 subjects, including history, psychology, travel, foreign language titles, crafts, fiction, and many more. The Book Stack has been named the “best used bookstore in Denver” by Denver’s Westword magazine. University of Denver students, faculty, and staff who visit the Book Stack consider it one of the best kept secrets on DU’s campus.

All proceeds benefit the DU libraries.  Please come browse the vast selection of books for purchase, or consider donating your own used books to the Book Stack. 

Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  9 AM – 1 PM

  1.  Evans Chapel

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Evans Memorial Chapel is a beloved landmark at the University of Denver built in the Early Gothic Revival style. Tradition has it that it was disassembled brick by brick, and then reassembled in the center of campus. Originally John Evans, the founder of the University of Denver, built the chapel in the 1860s in downtown Denver. The building is now on the National Register of Historic Places (no. 74000567) and a registered historical site of the United Methodist Church (no. 210).

Evans Chapel is meant to be available for use to folks of multiple (or no) faith traditions. We have worked to make it “adjustable” for a variety of services/ceremonies.

Evans Memorial Chapel, University of Denver

Hours: daily from 6:30 a.m. until 9:00 p.m

3.  The Green Room @ Korbel

In the SIE complex, on the top floor overlooking the Rocky Mountain vista, there is a small room known as the ‘green room’, often used for meetings or small conferences. However, when not being used by staff or graduate students, this room is the perfect place to study – with a view! On this same floor is an outdoor balcony from which you can see the mountains, and the east side of campus. It’s even prettier at night!

Location: Top floor, SIE complex tower entrance. Turn left once exiting elevator on floor 5.

Hours: Usual business hours

 4. The Renaissance Room @ Mary Reed

For a taste of DU’s original history, the Renaissance Room in the hauntingly beautiful Mary Reed building is where to go. It’s a sweeping dining and ballroom area which has been adjusted for studying and reading, but still contains original features like the large wooden fireplace and many hardback classics on the oak shelves. The ceilings are high, and the decor is regal. No other location at DU quite captures the spirit of the school’s beginnings as the Renaissance Room does, and the best part is that it’s always dead quiet because nobody knows it’s there.

The Renaissance Room, Mary Reed Hall

Location: Upstairs in the centre of the Mary Reed building, beside University Hall.

Hours: Usual business hours

5. Free Student Crimson Tickets @ Magness

Many students camp out at the end of September for a chance to get one of the 200 golden season tickets which allow you to attend hockey games all season long, for the low price of zero (0) dollars. However, if you camped out and didn’t manage to get one, like myself, there’s always the chance to nab one of the 200 free Crimson tickets up for grabs every Wednesday at 9am before home weekend games. On top of this, students can purchase an additional two game tickets for the $5 student price to give to guests or friends. 

Location: www.denverpioneers.com/tickets then ‘Student Tickets’, pick your game of choice, fill in your information and claim your free crimson hockey ticket! See you at the game!

Hours: Every Wednesday at 9am before a home series.

Author: Georgia Kyriacou

Editor: Ronnie Cheng

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