Greek Life: What is it and what can it offer for international students?

Fraternities and sororities are a huge part of the culture of American universities.  They are an American tradition, but many students may be confused as to what Greek life is and who are the people in it.

Here at the University of Denver there are seven fraternities, six sororities and six multicultural organizations. These organizations are referred to as Greek organizations because they typically use two or three Greek letters as their name. The members are referred to as brothers or sisters. We interviewed two DU students to learn more about their Greek life experience.

Maria Machado is a Junior originally from Venezuela and a member of Delta Delta Delta (Δ Δ Δ). She went to highschool in Denver and feels that the Greek life  at DU is very unique. Maria was afraid of feeling  judged for not being born in America. As a member of Delta Delta Delta, her reality proved to be far away from what she feared. Maria feels she is treated the same as everyone else, and is even celebrated for being different. She feels loved by her sisters. She happily shared a story about the day she received her green card (permanent resident card) in March of her sophomore year. Her sisters decided to throw her a party! They all celebrated this life changing occasion for her. Maria’s advice for any student, local or international, is: “Be yourself! We all have something special to bring to any organization we decide to be part of, so don’t try to fit in to the mold you think people want you to be. You are unique, embrace it!”

Victoria Martinez is president of the Multicultural Greek Society (MGC)  and a senior at DU. She came to DU to gain a global perspective that she found  when she joined a Multicultural organization. They have brothers and sisters from around the world, including Latin  America, Asia and Europe. Her best friends are international students and  she loves the different perspectives a Multicultural organization provides her. These organizations are open to anyone from anywhere. Her advice for students, local or international, is:  “If you are looking for a home, you will find it no matter where you end up. The multicultural organizations at DU are open for anyone that wants to have new experiences and meet new people with diverse backgrounds and ethnicities.”

Here at DU, everyone is welcome. You will find a group of people you identify with and will find a place to call your home away from home. Whether that is by being part of the Greek life or in the multiple clubs we have here, there’s a community for everyone. Join us!

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