International Student Stories: Meet Kéreine!

Kéreine is a sophomore at DU, majoring in International Studies and Spanish and minoring in Political Science. She enjoys learning new languages and plans on working for an embassy or as a translator. She was born in Gabon but has lived in Colorado with her family for the last 10 years.

She has spent years in America and for that reason feels she has inherited the best of Gabonese and American culture. When applying to schools, Kéreine researched the programs she was interested in and how well rated they were. Since she lives in the Denver area, she knew about Korbel and how good of a program it is. These, combined with the factor that she would be able to see her family often, was decisive for her to choose DU. On-campus, Kéreine participates in two clubs: she is the marketer for ASU (African Students United) and part of Campus Ministries, a weekly bible study group. 

Kéreine would describe her culture as enthusiastic. She and her friends never go unnoticed on campus since they are always laughing and making jokes at a louder volume than the people around them. Something that is very memorable to her about the cultural difference between Gabon and America is when kids are getting scolded. In Gabon, it is disrespectful to look an elder in the eyes when scolded. However, here in America not looking into someone’s eyes when being scolded may be considered disrespectful. 

Kéreine also enjoys painting, watching Gabonese YouTubers and international tv shows. When asked about restaurants she recommended the Tea Bar, Zero Degrees, and Tatsu (specially their Fried Rice). Places she likes to visit in Denver are the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and the Museum of Arts.

Kéreine and her sister Ketsia started a youtube channel called “Un Po de Tout” which means “a little bit of everything.” The name is a mixture of words is Spanish (Un), Italian (Po) and French (De Tout). In their channel they share (like the name says) a little bit of everything about themselves. From what they enjoy doing to their religion to music. Kéreine and Ketsia are very outgoing and it is joyful to watch their videos and participate in their lives.

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