International Student Stories: Meet Ignacio

Ignacio is a Senior Mechanic Engineering major, and part of the Tennis Team at DU. He transferred to Denver two years ago from BCU. He is a remarkably busy person, only having one day off each week.

Ignacio is from Mallorca, Spain, which is a small island close to Barcelona. Coming from an island he is used to being surrounded by water, which is very different landscape from Denver. Nevertheless, he enjoys hiking and spending time in Colorado’s beautiful mountains. One of his favorite things about DU is being part of the Tennis Team; when he is not studying, he spends most of his time with his team members, either training or hanging out. Before committing to DU he came and met his future team, Ignacio saw how close the team is, seeing that bond that made him decide to come DU. Ignacio took a risk coming to DU not knowing anyone here, but it was a risk that paid off.

Ignacio’s favorite Spanish restaurant in Denver is The Nine Floor, it has delicious Spanish dishes, which also helps with homesickness. However, Postinos is his favorite non-Spanish restaurant, he highly recommends the bruschettas.

His favorite thing about Spain is how warm the people and weather are. The Spanish culture is very affectionate, friends and acquaintances greet each other with two kisses on the cheek. When he got to the U.S, he greeted people the same way he did in Spain, safe to say it made for some awkward moments. Although he misses his home country, he loves his life here in the U.S. Ignacio’s tip for dealing with homesickness is to stay in touch with you friends and family, lean on them when you need it. He calls his parents and friends every week, and visits as much as he can.

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