Student Affinity Groups: What are they and what can they offer for international students?

Student affinity groups are various campus student organizations dedicated to promote diversity, Inclusive Excellence, and social justice. At the University of Denver, the Cultural Center provides structure, funding, and support for the student organizations via the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Diversity Committee. 

These student organizations are known for building a community that welcomes both domestic and international students. Incoming students have the opportunity to get to know these groups and choose which ones to participate in. Every affinity group plans events, meetings, social events, fun activities, and more. And the best of all is that student groups usually collaborate with each other to make even bigger events! 

These organizations have many benefits for incoming international students. They offer a place to meet new people who might have different career paths than you, but that share a common interest or purpose. Usually, every group organizes weekly meetings or activities, and dedicated members can become part of the e-board for that student group. Check out some of the most popular student affinity groups below. Make sure to follow them and receive notifications from their events. Everybody is welcome!

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