Interterms at DU

The University of Denver uses the quarter system, meaning a full year of school consists of 3 quarters, plus an optional summer quarter, with 10 weeks in each. Because of this system the winter break is 6 weeks long, giving students time to work, get internships, or go on an interterm. An interterm is a class that happens during breaks, in between quarters. Most of the time interterms are 2 week long periods, held in different countries. One of our ambassadors, Victoria, went on one her freshman year and will share her experience here. You can find more information on interterms and summer/winter classes offered visit: 

In 2019 I went to Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia, in an interterm called Post-Conflict Politics in the Balkans, with two professors, Associate Dean Kevin Archer and Professor Keith Gehring. We studied the last Balkan war, Bosnian genocide and how all three countries are doing today, after the war. We started the trip in Belgrade, Serbia, we met with politicians and Non-Profits, we got to experience the city as the locals. I learned so much about the history, culture, and customs. A few days later, we went to Bosnia, visited genocide sites, museums, again, spoke to Non-Profits and politicians. Bosnia was my all time favorite country, we stayed in Sarajevo, which is divided in the old town and a more modern side. In the old town, there were multiple street markets, good food, and very kind people; people would come up and talk to us, ask us why we were visiting, and thanking us for coming. I felt in awe and amazed by Sarajevo’s beauty, courage, and strength. After about 5 days, we went to Croatia, a majestic country. My mom’s biggest dream is to visit Croatia. I felt honored by the opportunity to visit such an amazing country. We did not talk to any politicians or Non-Profits, but we went on a tour of Dubrovnik. Going on this trip was a life changing experience; my best friends to this day were people I met on this interterm, I decided on my masters because of it, and learned so much about a part of the world not many people have the privilege to visit. I enjoyed the freedom of this trip, we had a lot of free time to go and do whatever we wanted. I have been on trips with my high school and middle school, but being trusted by your professors and being treated like an adult was a very different experience. If you look for IT, DU has many opportunities to do amazing and different things, like this trip. Take advantage of everything DU has to offer, I would recommend everyone go on an interterm!

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