Keeping up with… Chris!

This is the second quarter of our fantastic Global Ambassador Program. Last quarter we had to part with a few seniors from our community since they graduated. We kept in contact, excited to see what amazing things they would accomplish. We know one of the most complex parts of graduating college is getting into the workforce. Six months after graduation, 90.3% of undergraduates, 92.8% of master’s students, and 94.7% of doctoral students were employed, pursuing continuing education, or participating in military service. According to these numbers, undergraduate enrollment increased by 1.9% and master’s enrollment increased by 2.6% over 2018. 

Chris, one of our ambassador’s from China last quarter, has shared his job search experience: 

“As I approached my final year at the University of Denver as a Finance student, I started thinking about my career plan after college. Job searching could be tough as an international student and a fresh grad like me, but I am thankful for the resources my peers and alumni provided me for the valuable networking and mentorships. Some of them also offered me referral opportunities which helped me to secure a few interviews. The career center at Daniels College of Business also supported me with revising my resume and gave me constructive feedback from the mock interview. I finally landed my dream full-time job in Centennial, Colorado. Although there is a steep learning curve for the first few weeks of my new job, I was able to learn quickly and manage my stress. Now I felt more comfortable in my role and truly enjoyed my newly launched career.”

We are so proud and happy for Chris! We are positive he will have a long and successful career and are grateful for all the work he did as a Global Ambassador as well.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and contact our Ambassadors if you have any questions!

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