Summer Internship: Victoria

Summer jobs and internships are a big part of the college experience, especially in the United States. I’ve had a few internships and jobs during my time at DU, and I am here to share a little bit of my experience with you. The University of Denver has a great career advising program, use them as a resource every opportunity you have; they have resume, interview, cover letter and job search training services. This past Summer I had the wonderful opportunity to work in a sports camp at DU called P.A.S.S Camp. I worked about 16 hours a week with kids ages 5 to 11, there I met the most amazing people from around the United States and some from places abroad, such as Croatia.

Although my major is International Studies and has nothing to do with early education, working at P.A.S.S camp thought me many skills I can apply to my other jobs at DU. Working with kids is a tremendous amount of fun, however, it is also a enormous amount of responsibility. They pick up on everything you do and say, and at such a young age you are helping form the person they are going to become. Teaching them sports, giving them snack, helping them when they get hurt, seem like trivial things but I did not take any of that lightly. The biggest lessons I learned at camp that I apply in other jobs are being proactive and flexible. Those two skills are incredibly important to have, no matter what job you have. There were times at P.A.S.S camp where things didn’t go as planned, it rained, a kid got hurt, or a court was fully booked, and it was up to the coaches to keep the kids happy and occupied. In life, and in any job, things aren’t always going to go 100% according to plan, it is important to know what to do when that happens. I am very thankful for the opportunity DU gave me to work in such a wonderful place and learn so many things! 

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