Ambassadors’ Winter Break

At DU we are lucky to have a quarter system, 10 weeks of class with a final testing week. After Fall quarter we have 6 weeks of break, for Christmas and Thanksgiving. 

Check out what a few of our Global Ambassadors did on their break! 

Sandra Macharia 

I stayed in Denver and had a Friendsgiving with another dear international friend, and I carved my first turkey! I also spent a lot of time with my new puppy, Boa, and experienced driving in the snow for the first time on New Year’s Eve (not my favorite experience but certainly a Colorado rite of passage)! 😊 

Jada Hamer 

1. Boxing Day: Boxing Day is a Canadian holiday on the 26th. It is an additional day for time with family or a great way of resting from the night before! My family and I generally spend most of the time at home but go out for oysters during the evening, which are my mom and I’s favorite food. (There were three more plates of oysters not pictured in this image as well.) After oysters we always go home and watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and drink eggnog from our ‘Moose Mugs’ inspired from the movie.  

2. Christmas and New Year’s Karaoke! 

This year my family celebrated my mom and stepdad’s first anniversary which means we got to recreate brand new traditions this year. One of my favorites was the karaoke nights we had, both on Christmas Eve and New Year’s. I’m not the best singer but I loved watching my siblings sing songs from the Hamilton musical in front of all our friends.  

3. Charcuterie Competition 

Finally, our last tradition is our Charcuterie Competition. My family and I collectively decided that, although very fun to make, gingerbread houses were overused and became stale quickly. Instead, we channeled our competitive spirit into creating various charcuterie boards. I’d like to think I won this year’s round (mine is the farthest to the left) but am very interested in seeing what is brought next year! 

Jisu Lee 

During this winter break, I went back to my home Mexico, and I had a really nice time with my family: I made some delicious Korean meals, overslept, and watched series and movies. While my stay in Mexico, I also visited San Diego and its county because it was one hour far from the place I live. At the very end of the break, I had a great road trip with my parents and went to Arizona to visit my DU friend. My friend and I went hiking at Camelback Mountain, and we felt tired after hiking. Moreover, I visited beautiful places in northern Arizona, such as, Sedona, an Indian reservation called Tlaquepaque, and Lake Havasu City. I will attach some images above and add some descriptions. 

The first picture is sunny California after the heavy rain. 

The second one is when I visited Camelback Mountain in Arizona (there were lots of cacti!) 

The third photo is me and my friend while we were hiking. 

My mom took me a photo with Sedona’s landscape as a background (4th photo).

I took Arizona’s famous pink jeep at Tlaquepaque as seen in the fifth picture

And lastly, I visited London Bridge in Lake Havasu City.

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