Day in the Life: Dylan

Hi all! My name is Dylan and I’m an international student from New Zealand here at the University of Denver. I’m a sophomore commuter student getting a dual degree in Finance and Business Analytics. Join me on a day in the life of a DU student during the midterm season!

I start off the day at 6:00 am, as you can see, I’m super thrilled to be awake this early in the morning. I convince myself to wake up and then make myself a morning coffee (what’s a college student without their daily dose of caffeine). From here I spend the morning eating breakfast (banana protein pancakes) and then do my daily workout before showering and heading to school. Today was a cardio day so nothing too crazy in the gym. 

Starting off the day I have my second Chinese midterm of the week at 10:00am. Things go well, and I head off to lunch and coffee with a friend on campus from 11-12. Next, I have back-to-back classes, Introduction to Marketing followed by Astrophysics on Zoom.

Next up are one of my two weekly office hours sessions for an introductory accounting class that im a teaching assistant for! I was able to help some people out with any questions they had regarding an upcoming exam and in between times I was able to work on my own accounting homework and prepare for my next Chinese quiz this Thursday.

6:00pm comes around and office hours are over for the day and I’m off home for the night. Thanks so much for joining me on my adventure for the day. I hope you enjoyed, and I look forward to sharing more content with y’all in the future. 

Global Ambassador out!

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