Multicultural Greek Club

The Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) is a collective group of multiethnic and inclusive fraternities and sororities. Consisting of 5 chapters at the University of Denver, the organizations work to raise awareness and highlight the philanthropic events in which they participate. Focusing on development and sustainability of their organization, MGC continues to represent all cultures and ethnicities, community members to promote equity and equality for all.  

 The Global Ambassador team had the amazing opportunity to interview the MGC president: Apsara Siwakoti, and MGC vice-president: Will Peck. MGC chapters at DU are very small, with two to ten members in each organization, that creates a tight-knit community. Will and Apsara told us they are very close to their sisters and brothers; they have found their home away from home in their respective organizations. Apsara is part of Kappa Phi Lambda, an Asian interest sorority, while Will is part of Sigma Lambda Beta fraternity. MGC has a variety of events they organize on campus, the most famous ones are Taste of Latin America, Speaker events, Stroll off, and a Lunar New Year celebration. Most of these events are tied to a specific sorority or fraternity, but everyone from the community helps by volunteering or just attending.

Apsara wanted to join a sorority that perfectly aligned with her values. She went to a club meeting she was a part of and there she met a few Kappa girls; one of them is now her big sister in the sorority. She felt completely accepted, included, they understood her sense of humor, and made her feel at home. She was still unsure about joining a sorority, but still hung-out with a sister. It was supposed to be a 30-minute meeting, she left 3 hours later; they immediately had a connection. Apsara felt surrounded by inspiring, over-achieving, strong, women. Her goal as MGC president is to make MGC a bigger part of the DU community.  

Will on the other hand, joined because he wanted to find a group of high achieving men that looked like him. One day he saw a group of guys wearing letters that looked like him, although he had stereotypes about sorority and fraternities, these guys worked at Google, Boeing and were triple majors. They were in a frat and doing all of this. The Betas do a lot for the community, by being a part of his fraternity he is supporting his community, giving back in a way.  

There are many ways to find a home, a community, a safe space when away for college. Joining an MGC fraternity or sorority is just one of them. Reach out to our ambassadors if you have any questions about social life at DU! 

Fraternities and sororities from MGC:

Pi Lambda Chi (ΠΛΧ)

Sigma Lambda Beta (ΣΛB)

Sigma Lambda Gamma (ΣΛΓ)

Kappa Phi Lambda (KΦΛ)

Theta Nu Xi (ΘNΞ)

Beta Gamma Nu (BΓN)

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