Dining Halls and Meal Plans at DU

Regardless of our background, food is a very important part of our lives. Having good quality food available to students is a priority at DU. Everyone that lives on campus has to have a meal plan, and if you do not live on campus, but still want to eat at the dining halls, commuter meals are available.  

There are three main meal plan options: 125, 150, and 175-meal plan. This means that throughout the 10 weeks of the quarter, you have that number of allotted swipes you can use at any dining hall on campus. You need to swipe your Pioneer ID (student card) to get into any dining hall, whether you get a full meal. If a student lives off campus and wants to eat at DU, they can buy one of the commuter plans, the 50-block plan or the 10-block package. The 50-block comes with meal plan cash and resets every quarter like the regular plans. However, the 10-block package is over the whole academic year and does not come with meal plan cash.  

Meal plan cash is a certain amount of money that each student receives when they purchase a meal plan, students are required to have at minimum the 125-block meal plan during their first and second year. When entering a dining hall on campus you have to swipe your Pioneer ID, your meal plan is calculated on how many swipes you want/need. The meal plan cash is separate from the amount of swipes you purchase, every meal plan receives the same amount of money. The meal plan cash is not transferable to the next quarter, it “resets”.  

There are plenty of dining options on campus: Community Commons (Rebecca Chop Grand Central Market), Starbucks, Einstein Bros. BagelsFront Porch Café, Law School Café, and Rowling n’ Bowlin. If eating at Starbucks, Einstein Bros. Bagels, Front Porch Café, Law School Café and the Rowling n’ Bowling, the only way to pay is with meal plan cash or your personal card, they do not accept swipes; but the regular dining halls accept meal swipes. This year we had the addition of two new and innovative Corner Stores, one in Nelson Hall and another in Centennial Hall. The first ever cashier-less, fully automatic shopping experience on campus made possible by the Bite app. Come say Hi and check it out!


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