First Year Housing at DU

Every first year student at the University of Denver must live on campus during their first year as an undergraduate student. It may sound overwhelming to live surrounded by people you do not know, but if you ask anyone they will say living in the dorms was the best experience.  

The University of Denver have a few different dorms to choose from: Centennial Halls (simply called Halls), Johnson-McFarlane Hall (also known as J-Mac), or the Dimond Family Residential Village (known as DFRV). The buildings look different on the outside, but inside, the differences are minor. The average rooms in Halls are slightly larger, while rooms in JMAC have bigger windows and the DFRV is our newest residence hall. J-Mac is closer to most science and music classes, and Halls and the DFRV are closer to the Ritchie Center and the arts and humanities classes held in Sturm Hall. Both sides of campus have convenience stores and dining options available.  

Dimond Family Residential Village

In Centennial Halls, each room accommodates two students, with furniture and closet space for each. Large bathrooms are shared in each floor. Every other floor has a lounge area, with couches and a tv.  

Johnson-McFarlane Hall is quite similar, with two person rooms and a large bathroom shared in each floor. J-Mac rooms have large windows and high ceilings, if you live on the third floor. Every floor has a lounge with couches and a tv. J-Mac is the oldest dorm at DU.  

Dimond Family Residential Village is the newest dorm at DU, opened on Fall of the 2020-2021 academic year. Each room in the Dimond Family Residential Village accommodates two students, with furniture and closet space for each. Large bathrooms are shared by each floor.  

All dorms have 24/7 staff at the front desk and they are there to help you in any way they can. They are also there for safety. The doors to the building are always locked, people can only enter the building by scanning their Pio ID (their student card).  
For more information about the dorms, or even a video tour inside the dorms, please visit the DU website: . 

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