Culture Shock: Food

Growing up in a Filipino Japanese household with the exposure of Middle Eastern cuisine, eating Indian food when at the mall, going to friends’ houses who were from Singapore and Thailand, and getting to try foods from Greece and Italy through vacation trips meant that my tastes in food were truly diverse. Again, as DU is advertised to welcome all individuals from every background, this is also reflected in the food that is served in our Community Commons. However, as someone who is a big lover of food, it is challenging to eat the same kinds of food every day.  

It is going to get tough, especially if you have grown up with family dinners, which is something I was not prepared for when I moved nearly 7,000 miles (~11,000 km) away from home. There is a community in which prepares dishes that are staples of many countries outside of the States. It is open to all and provides internationals students with a space to simply exist without the pressures of college. Bridges Open Door hosts a range of people, both students and those already out in the working field. This way, while eating delicious food, you can talk with people who have already experienced what it’s like moving abroad and all the challenges that come with it.  

I didn’t get the chance to attend many of the Bridges Open Door dinners, however, the way I was able to get a taste of back home was going to H-mart. Since Denver is quite diverse, there are several supermarkets that cater more to the tastes and loved goods from abroad. If you do not have a car, which I imagine many of you will not have, take a friend with you when you choose to take public transportation. If you contact us beforehand, our department would be more than happy to tag along with you!  

Don’t be afraid to explore the rest of Denver as there are many hidden gems when it comes to great food. It will be the perfect way to bond with your roommate or make new friends, I mean as they say, “People who love to eat are always the best people.” – Julia Child. (I don’t blame you for not knowing this quote or who Julia Child is, just thought it was a very fitting quote). 

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