How to Spring Quarter at DU 

Looking for things to do in Denver during the last quarter of the school year? Well, we asked our team some of their favorite things to do during spring quarter and compiled a list of things you can check out!

1. Pearl Street Farmers Market 

Starting in May, with the sun shining outside, you can expect hordes of Denver locals and students to be flooding South Pearl Street. The South Pearl Street Farmer’s Market is a 7-minute drive, 30-minute walk, and a 10-minute bike ride away from campus! Many people love to walk, drive, or bike there. People bring their own baskets and can fill them with the fresh produce, homemade soaps, and so much more offered by the plethora of stalls. There are also food trucks serving refreshing smoothies or gyros. You can also expect lively live music from the cute strings band that plays outside of the church or different artists singing in the center of the farmer’s market. On Sundays, for students, the farmer’s market is the place to be.  

2. Hammocking Session  

If you plan on moving to the very outdoorsy, nature filled state that is Colorado, we highly recommend investing in a hammock or a picnic blanket. On campus you can find the perfect hammocking trees and metal hammock stands for students to use. When the weather is good you can find students basking under the sunshine in their hammocks or laying out on their blankets. If you don’t own a hammock, you can rent one from any of the dormitory front desks! There’s only one or two per desk, so make sure to rent them early.

3. A Day at Wash Park  

Looking for another chill place to hang out on the weekends? Take a walk down to Wash Park, also about a 5-10minute drive from campus, depending on where you are living. Wash Park is always buzzing and lively with people from all over the neighborhood. Expect to see bikers, joggers, rollerbladers, skateboarders, dog walkers, and power walkers on the trail. Friends are playing Spike Ball, frisbee, or just reading under a shaded tree. A day at the park might be just what you need to relax, rejuvenate, and recenter away from the hectic schoolwork.  

4. Sunrise Yoga at Red Rocks 

If you’re thinking of traveling even farther from campus to find some fun, think about heading to Red Rocks for some sunrise yoga. As the sun comes over the red tipped peaks, you can relax in a good stretch. These rock formations are one of Colorado’s signature locations. Even if you decide waking up that early isn’t for you, we still recommend visiting Red Rocks at least once.  

5. Concert Season  

As spring rolls around, it’s no surprise that you’ll find people attending all sorts of outdoor concerts and festivals. Red Rocks Amphitheater, Mission Ballroom, Fillmore Auditorium, and Ball Arena are just a few popular places to attend some concerts! You can check out the venue’s website to look into who might be performing over the next coming weeks. Make sure to bring some water for the long waits in line and if you’re outside, double check the weather to make sure you’re well prepared! 

6. Sports Events 

Denver hosts several different sport games such as baseball at Coors Field, basketball and hockey at Ball Arena, and American football at Empower Field at Mile High. Sports culture is very popular here in Denver, and you’ll meet so many students who love sports just as much as you do! Students have opportunities to attend a Rockies game at a discounted price, so, look out for those offers. Bring water, check the weather, and be sure to determine modes of transportation beforehand. You can use the RTD to get to any of the major sport venue, so, check out a couple games this quarter! 

7. Campus Events  

While Denver offers so many things to do and see, check out Crimson Connect for things to do on campus! This year, the DU Programming Board has set up a week of fun activities to do on campus. During Week 8 of spring quarter, they had a petting zoo as part of their county fair. They also have a few food trucks coming by later in the week (May 19!), so look out for those events. Different affinity groups, like the Asian Student Alliance (ASA) and Latin Student Alliance (LSA), are hosting some of their biggest events this quarter! ASA is hosting a talent show and LSA is having a Carne Asada night. So, if you want to de-stress before finals but don’t really want find things to do off-campus, be sure to check Crimson Connect for a wide range of campus events. 

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