Interview with Fraiberg Scholar, Ismail Abu Arafeh

“Remember that the experiences and memories you create during your time as a student will stay with you for a lifetime, so make sure to fully embrace and enjoy this special time” (I. Abu Arafeh, personal communication, February 11, 2023).   Mr. Abu Arafeh graduated from the University of Denver with a bachelor’s degree in international … More Interview with Fraiberg Scholar, Ismail Abu Arafeh

Culture Shock: Food

Growing up in a Filipino Japanese household with the exposure of Middle Eastern cuisine, eating Indian food when at the mall, going to friends’ houses who were from Singapore and Thailand, and getting to try foods from Greece and Italy through vacation trips meant that my tastes in food were truly diverse. Again, as DU … More Culture Shock: Food

China Reopens its Borders After Three Years

Over the last three years, countries all over the world have enforced several COVID-19 policies and mandates. In some countries, they’ve enforced 24-hour lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccination policies, and so much more. In China, they closed off its borders to the rest of the world very early on in the pandemic.   However, on January 8, … More China Reopens its Borders After Three Years

Culture Shock: Language and physical appearance  

College. University. These two words, for many, are synonymous with newfound independence, freedom, friends, more classes, and the start of adulthood. However, for those of you who have decided to move abroad for college, those two words may be synonymous with ambiguity and uncertainty. As a second-year international student here at the University of Denver, … More Culture Shock: Language and physical appearance  

Getting Involved in DU

College time is invaluable not only because of the load of precious knowledge, but also because it can help develop the “whole student”. The concept of “whole student” was introduced at the beginning of the 21st century by many colleges and universities. This concept means that students who attend colleges and universities should not only … More Getting Involved in DU

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan is the most sacred time of the year for Muslims. The Holy Qur’an was revealed, and the prophecy of Muhammad, peace be upon him, began during this time. Muslims spend Ramadan, which lasts about one month, reading the Qur’an, drawing near to Allah (God), and spreading peace between each other. During the entire month … More Ramadan Kareem