Tips for living with a roommate in the U.S

Feeling anxiety towards meeting a new persaon is natural, so imagine how much more difficult it may be living with someone you have not met before. But do not worry, Olivia has gathered some tips from talking with her friends Nora, Grace, Rida, and Dongshun about their experience living with their roommates. We hope their stories will provide you different perspectives and lessons to help you foster a good relationship with your future roommate(s). … More Tips for living with a roommate in the U.S

Cultural Experience: American cuisine

Welcome to Colorado. We Have Cliff Divers Entertain Us During Dinner, You Don’t? When DU students come together to share their culture with one another, one of the first things we do is EAT! Who doesn’t love trying food from different countries? This summer, the Office of International Student Admission has been exploring international foods. … More Cultural Experience: American cuisine