Study Abroad Abroad, Anyone?

Dear World,

Being an international student gives you a lifetime opportunity of immersing yourself in another culture. Imagine doing it twice in your time here at DU! Sounds like an out of this world opportunity, right? Believe me it really is.

The University of Denver has a diverse Study Abroad program that allows students to access 150 universities/programs in about 50 countries. Essentially, you can pick anywhere in the world to go explore. Explore a public health program in Brazil, or indulge in an art history minor in Paris, traverse into the deserts of Rajasthan in India while taking a photography course, and the list goes on and on. Most students are encouraged to go in the fall of their junior year but if any other time works better academically then that flexibility is available to students as well.

Another unique aspect of the study abroad program is that DU financially supports part of the program with the Cherrington Global Scholar. The qualifications include being a full-time DU student at least two quarters at DU, having a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00, being in good academic & student conduct standing, and being at least 18 years of age. Students utilizing the Cherrington Global Scholar program must book their flight tickets through STA travel. A detailed list of financial information can be found here. It may seem overwhelming but the Office of International Education (OIE) is with you every step of the way.

Rida Noor, Biochemistry, 2019.

While staying in my university town of Lund, Sweden, I traveled to 9 countries. This was while taking classes; Europe has an epic transportation system, the countries are small and its easy to travel if you really want to. I would take a train from Sweden to Denmark and use the Copenhagen airport to go anywhere. While abroad I was able to explore, make memories in Denmark, Norway, Italy, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland and France. My travel wanderlust was fulfilled, and it was truly though my study abroad experience. Everyone’s abroad experience is unique, I made sure I went to the EU so that I could travel. Other students like to remain stationary and fully experience their abroad country or city. Its all about what you want out of this experience!

Rida’s photos while studying abroad.

Walid Hdider, Anthropology & International Studies, 2010.

I am studying abroad for the year and I did two back-to-back programs. Last quarter, I took classes and was a research assistant at the University of Geneva. The research I conducted analyzed global approach to how education systems managed student cultural diversity. This quarter, I am studying abroad in Paris where I am taking classes and interning at the French Ministry of Education. My favorite memory from studying abroad is attending a TEDx Women event at the UN headquarters in Geneva. The event brought together inspiring women from a variety of fields to discuss the realities of gender equality in the world.

The TEDx Women event at the UN headquarters in Geneva.
Walid at the Chillon castle in Montreux, Switzerland.

Trisha Gupta, Finance, 2019.

I studied abroad in London for a year and what an incredible experience it was. I went to London School of Economics, my dream school. Although it was an unaffiliated program DU made the process easy for me. I was able to travel to places like Greece, Spain and visit other DU friends studying abroad all other Europe. Will I do it again? Of course!

Trisha in front of the Berlin Cathedral.
Trisha on a trip with a group of friends in Greece.

Would you want to be an adventurist? Would you dare to study abroad abroad?


International Student

Authors: Rida Noor, Walid Hdider, Trisha Gupta

Editor: Ronnie Cheng

#DearWorld is a blog series that our international student ambassadors at the University of Denver share their experience, tips, and advice to other students at DU and around the world.

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