Intercultural Competence Certification

During Winter Quarter the Global Ambassadors had the opportunity to participate in the Intercultural Competence Certificate offered by Real World Solution (RWS). This amazing program had the purpose of building bridges of understanding among different cultural identities. In other words, the completion of the certificate benefits future professional and personal interactions and situations. 

Dr. Melinda Cain led the training sessions and worked individually with the ambassadors for personal coaching and support. Dr. Cain is Managing Director for RWS, a consulting company that provides coaching and training in intercultural awareness and competence for students, professionals, and various organizations.  

The program had a total of five training sessions which included exercises, dialog, discussions, reflections, and group activities. The RWS Tool Kit teaches more than what do to (or not to do) in cultural situations, it provides the “why” behind cultural behavior. As global ambassadors, intercultural communication is very important, and this program allowed for a better understanding when engaging with different cultures.  

This certificate is for the current DU Global Ambassadors, but similar programs and events will take place in upcoming quarters. Feel free to contact Dr. Cain for any questions regarding Real World Solutions and their trainings. Dr. Cain’s email: . You can also contact the DU Global Ambassadors regarding any questions for applications and events via email:

Curious to chat about how is life at DU from an international student perspective? Chat with one of our Global Ambassadors via Unibuddy: 

The single greatest cause of difficulties in global and local…transactions is not a lack of technical expertise, hard work or good intentions. It is a lack of ‘people skills’ for relating successfully across style differences attributed to factors such as national culture, organizational culture, job function and personality.” – Ernest Gundling, Working GlobeSmart, 2003 

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